Planetary Gear Reducer

The internal structure of the planetary reducer is mainly composed of four parts. They are Sun Gear, Planetary Gear, Inner Tooth Ring and Planetary Plate. In this system, the gears are installed in the inner gear ring. When the motor drives the input shaft to drive the sun gear to rotate, the sun gear is installed on the planetary constellation, and the planetary gear is assembled in the planetary disc, so it will drive the rotation of the planetary gear. It works like the orbits of the planets in the solar system, hence the name.

The planetary reducer can use a smaller power motor to match the planetary reducer, which can save the purchase cost. Compared with other reducers, its transmission efficiency is higher (over 95%), the reduction range is wide (high output torque), and the reduction ratio (available Multi-segment or multi-stage combination), low operating noise and other advantages, it is widely used.
In addition, the planetary reducer has multiple gear contact surfaces with a larger area, which can bear the instantaneous impact load evenly with multiple gear surfaces at 360 degrees, making it more able to withstand the impact of high torque, and the body and various bearing parts are not affected by Damaged by high loads.

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